Consignment Schedule 2019


 January 1 - February 28
**we are not accepting totes for the rest of February**

Short Sleeves, long sleeves, light sweaters/cardigans, hoodies, jeans, pants, dresses, spring jackets, rain coats, rubber boots, bathing suits, sleepers, pjs. 


 July 1 - September 30

Long sleeves, sweaters, hoodies, pants, jeans, dresses, rubber boots, fall jackets, bathing suits, splash pants, vests.

Winter Outerwear

 Snowsuits - September 1 - November 30 

Hats & Mitts - September 1-November 30 

Winter Boots - September 1-December 31


 March 1 - June 30

Short sleeves, tank tops, shorts, capris, sundresses, sandals, water shoes, bathing suits, sleepers, short sleeve pjs, rashguards, spring jackets, raincoats, rubber boots.


October 1 - December 31

Long sleeves, sweaters, pants, dresses, fleece & regular sleepers, pajamas, winter boots, bathing suits.


Halloween Costumes and clothing - Aug 1-Sept 30  
Holiday Clothing (Christmas dresses, etc) Sept 1 - Nov 30  
Bathing Suits - accepted year round