Consigning With Us

How It Works

 We sell your items for you and you receive 40% of the selling price after the item has sold. The money accumulates on your account and you can then spend it in the store or take a cash/cheque payout at any time. Items are kept for 90 days. You may choose for us to donate unsold items or have them returned to you. 

Doing A Presort

 All items must come to us freshly laundered. You must look at each item and do not bring us any of the following: -Dirty -Stained -Holes -Faded -Pilly -Outdated-Pet hair -Odours (smoke, musty) -Missing buttons/snaps/pieces -Tags Cut Out -Brands we do not accept

How To Bring Us Your Items

 Once you have laundered your clothing and have done a presort.... Neatly fold or lay items flat in a tote or a basket. If you have items that are a set...pjs, Carter's outfits...please place them together. Do not use safety pins as they leave holes. You may bring a maximum of 50 items for us to look at.

Making an appointment

 Starting March 1st, 2019, an appointment will be 

required to bring your items in on consignment. 

Appointments can be made right here on our website. Simply click on the "Schedule Now" button at the bottom of this page and choose a date and time that works best for you. If there are no dates available, please keep checking back as we only book so many weeks out and consignors may cancel their appointment. Please allow about 15 minutes for us to do the appointment while you browse around the store. 

Please leave at least 2 weeks between appointments to give others a chance to get their items in to us.

During Your Appointment

  We will look at each item one at a time. If you have done your part and done a proper presort, this should be an easy task for us. When deciding whether or not we will accept your items we look at many factors including things in the presort list, what our customers are looking for, correct season, what we know will sell or not and if we are over stocked in a certain area. We are very picky because our customers are picky. So please do not be offended if we do not accept some of your items.  **When we start going through your tote, if there are more items in the "no" pile than the "yes" pile, we will put everything back and ask you to review our guidelines before bringing your items in again.** 

After Your Items Sell

As your items sell, your portion accumulates on your account. This money can be used at any time to make purchases (new or used) in the store. You may also request a cash payout at anytime. If you requested to have your unsold items returned to you, we will send you an email when they are ready for pick up. They must be picked up in the time frame given, or they will be donated. As of January 2019, we will be charging a $5 fee for each month that you have items to go back, if you wish to have your unsold items returned to you.

Schedule An Appointment